Pat Umfress, National Association of Transgendered People

Pat Umfress, National Association of Transgendered People
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Retired Professor Becomes the President Of the N.A.T.P.

"The seat was just calling out for me," says Dr. Patrick "Pat" Umfress, a retired French Professor that taught at Western North Carolina University. "I was so delighted and honored to be chosen as the the chairman and now president of the National Association of Transgendered People, said Pat Umfress, who has been involved in the (GLBTQ) Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning community for the past two decades.

Patrick Umfress, who was originally born "Patricia Umfress" in Mississippi, said that as a little girl, she always felt uncomfortable with her assigned gender and wanted to be one of the boys. Her questioning identity in the years that followed made her consider psychological therapy, however, she didn't want to be labeled as a "nut". In 2000, after years of self-abuse, she decided that a sex-change would be the appropriate choice to make in the transition from female to male. On September 4, 2000 Patricia became "Patrick" and the rest is history.

After menopause ran it's course, Pat Umfress decided that it was time for a reality check. "I was going through a mid-life crisis, as most men do at that age," said Pat. "What I really wanted was to become a man. I felt that a sex-change was necessary so that I could finally come to grips with my true identity. Thanks to the support of all my friends that helped me through the whole thing, I am now a happy man," said Chairman Umfress.

Pat Umfress feels that he can best serve as president of the National Association of Transgendered People because of his extensive background and experience. Chairman Umfress will be confirmed as N.A.T.P. President on June 13, 2011 when current president, Nat Stephens leaves the current spot.

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